Iberia; Badajoz and Marvao

Al Mossassa: Celebrating the Arabic origins of Badajoz (Spain) and Marvao (Portugal) Banners of Al Mossassa hanging from the walled citadel. Emilio Piriz photos.By Emilio…


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The Last CrunchWeek

crunchweek-4-3 Hello friends, and welcome to the very last CrunchWeek. After a three-year run, this little show is over. Sometimes things change. Regardless, it was a pleasure to send off this particular ship into the void flanked by Megan Rose Dickey and Matthew Lynley, two humans that I hold in the highest regard. Read More

Witch Doctor – That’s what a Cthulhu Cult Ritual looks like!

There is no public footage of an actual Cthulhu Mythos ritual anywhere on the regular web. As you may have guessed, the Dark Web is an entirely different matter (Muahahaha!).




Dutch ALternative Rock band De Staat have produced a video for their song Witch Doctor which comes pretty close to picturing, what such a ritual might look like.


Actually, especially the end would go nicely with a summoning of Yog Sothoth, Nyarlathotep or Shub-Niggurath. Just take a look and enjoy, it is one great song and a phantastic video:


Daily Steampunk is moving to meta-punk.com

Public Service Announcement: We are moving!


LZ-X1 Württemberg_Werft


It has been more than eight exciting years of Daily Steampunk, now it is time to expand. Daily Steampunk will move to a new home, www.meta-punk.com.


There are a number of reasons:


  • The scope of the blog has already grown beyond only covering Steampunk
  • I want to expand the scope even more and integrate more geek/nerd lifestyle topics, coding and also more science
  • The data storage capacity that came with the original hosting package is actually almost full. Yes, I know, this sounds ridiculous, but eight years are a long time on the web and back in the day, 5 GB really sounded like a lot in 2008, today, you can easily get 5 times that much for less.

So, Daily Steampunk is becoming Metapunk and you will find all the content of Daily Steampunk there.

I hope to see you over at


Which is basically Daily Steampunk 2.0

Daily Steampunk is now on Patreon

Hey all,

just a really quick thing, Daily Steampunk is now on Patreon. Don’t worry, I will continue whether I get patrons on Patreon or not. If you should decide to become a patron, there are already some perks up, more are to come.

I will use the money I get from patrons primarily to get to events and do reports.

So, if you can spare a Dollar or something in that range once a month, consider becoming a patron to Daily Steampunk.