Review: Apequest by Professor Elemental

My dear Professor Elemental, how do you do it? Father of Invention, your previous album was already a masterpiece, and now Apequest… But I am getting ahead of myself here.


As I have pointed out in the previous review of Professor Elemental’s work, I am not much into hiphop and this has not changed, yet I was looking forward to receiving this album after the previous was so much fun to listen to. I was not disappointed. Not at all.




Apequest is one terrific concept album that tells the story of Professor Elemental donning his time travel trousers and going on a quest through time to find his orangutang butler/friend/companion Geoffery. For this quest he has assambled an impressive array of guest artists supporting him, Steampowered Giraffe among them. The quest gets him face to face with knights, Dinosaurs, dystopian future dictators, alternate (and rather vexed) versions of himself and… Well, listen for yourselves. You will also be surprized by the variation in styles from track to track. The one in the dystopian future packs the most energy and the one in the Wild West, is very Wild West.


Further, Apequest is packed with references to various novels, movies and TV shows involving space travel, time travel and other weird things and is an absolute nerd fest! You really have to listen to the album several times to get them all. It does not end there: The rhymes Professor Elemental comes up with for the songs about his quest, just fabulous, he is a true poet of the modern age.


My personal favourite track is Tempus Fugitive but there is not one I really disliked.

I highly recommend you pick the album up for yourself, it should not be missing in any Steampunk collection.


10/10 Zeppelins and the badge of honour:


And remember: Even outside time, there is a pub!



Happy Discovery Day, Lucy!

Today in 1974 (I was already around at the time), a team of scientists organized by Yves Coppens, Maurice Taieb and Donald Johanson discovered the most complete fossil skeleton of a member of Australopithecus afarensis found to date.


It is significant because it provided first evidence of an early bipedal hominid and filled a gap of knowledge concerning human evolution. As befits a discovery of this magnitude in this day and age, Google has honored the discovery with a Google Doodle which features an animation and some concise information on the discovery. Enjoy!


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Interview with Steampunk author E.C. Jarvis

Following up on the book feature of E.C. Jarvis‘ debut Steampunk novel The Machine (see below) I also had the opportunity to interview E.C., which was quite a pleasure. I also found it highly interesting we both have a completely boring, mundane and uncreative job in our respective background.

But now, without further ado, here is the interview:


E.C. jarvis
E.C. Jarvis (used with kind permission)



Please give us a quick introduction about yourself


I am a grumpy old man trapped in an English woman’s body. I dislike most things, driving, other people driving, queues in shops, other people in queues in shops… you know what? I could be here all day doing a list, let’s just say the list of things that don’t make me angry on a frequent basis is very short and mostly includes my husband and four year old daughter, and our hilariously stupid cat.


As George Bush Jr once said, “I have opinions, strong opinions – but – I don’t always agree with them.” I’m not a fan of the man but this quote is so profoundly wonderful in a way I’m sure he has no concept of.

Where can we find you on the web?

From what I gathered, The Machine is your first foray into steampunk, is that correct? (if not, what was it?)

Yes it is. I saw a prompt for a short story on a writing website that required the story to be steampunk. I had no idea what it was or what I was getting myself into, but after some research I found myself hooked.




What other genres have you covered with your works?

Let’s say most of my writing is fantasy. So within that you have sci-fi, steampunk (obviously), epic fantasy, and erotica, all of which I have written/am writing.


What got you interested in steampunk?

A fantasy world with airships, machines, and an impeccable dress code? What’s not to love? I know that a lot of steampunk stories are written as an alternative history, but I feel the genre has so much more scope. It’s a very divisive genre in some places, there seems to be some contention as to what is, and what isn’t steampunk, but I ignored the fussy people and just wrote the story as it felt right. I don’t see the point in worrying yourself so much over matching someone else’s definition of the aesthetic. If you try and enclose a genre into a tight box then you block out a world of possibility and who wants to do that?


Is there something you find particularly appealing in the genre?

I like that it has a great fan-base. The cosplayers, the readers and writers, it’s all there, a plethora of inspiration and complete commitment to the style. Whomever calls steampunk lovers by any derisive name, I shall happily punch in the cog pocket, there is nothing wrong with having passion for a subject and steampunk people are nothing if not passionate.


You are in accountancy as your day job, are you planning on getting rid of that dayjob for good one day? I know, this is a nosy question, but we are sort of in the same boat. I used to be a bank clerk…

Totally. It pays the bills, but it’s only fulfilling in that I have an odd affinity for excel spreadsheets (I’m the goddess of excel), aside from that I have no love for the job. If I could spend all day every day writing, living inside my own head and tapping out those weird imaginings onto the page AND have that pay the bills, I’d be one very happy lady. It’s that or turn to drink and live in a box etching wobbly musings on the walls of my box house in crayon.


How prolific are you as a writer?

Getting to be. It’s tough when you work full time, have a family and life just gets in the way. I have written two full novels (and two half novels) this year, so I think that’s pretty good going. Like anything, the more you do it the easier it gets, it’s becoming a habit.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

I have a small imaginary friend called Dranos who whispers in my ear at 8.23 am every day… Or, you know, the usual, movies, books, life. I daydream a lot and I also practice lucid dreaming so stuff just pops into my head, floating around, usually when I’m nowhere near a computer or writing apparatus. – my muse probably thinks it’s hysterical to taunt me so.


Are there any other settings/genres you wish to explore in the future and are there any other novels, short stories or just fragments of ideas you are working on at the moment?

I have an erotica novel lined up after book three of this series is done, then I’m onto sci-fi. Also there’s a YA fantasy rattling around in the back of my brain somewhere.


What are your plans concerning future projects

Write. Publish. Sell. Success. Repeat.


Thank you, E.C, it has been a pleasure. I hope you will rather sooner than later be able to get out of accountancy altogether and be  a full-time writer.



The Goaltending Situation With The Edmonton Oilers

from Jonathan Willis of the Edmonton Journal, Cam Talbot was brought in from the New York Rangers at significant cost over the summer with the idea that he would establish himself as the Edmonton Oilers’ starting goaltender. Instead, he’s fallen into a tandem situation with nominal backup Anders Nilsson, and the head coach is now stressing the need for development in net. “We have confidence in both of them,” said head coach Todd McLellan on Tuesday, putting the best spin possible on the situation. “We’re trying to develop two goaltenders that are figuring their way out and trying to establish themselves as starters in the league… It will continue to be our job to develop both, to get them both confident and get them playing.” McLellan has seen goaltending tandems work in the past. He was an assistant coach on the 2008 Detroit Red Wings team that won the Stanley Cup after splitting starts almost 50/50 between Dominik Hasek and Chris Osgood during the regular season. As an NHL head coach in San Jose, though, he’s mostly run teams with clear-cut No. 1 and No. 2 goaltenders. He says the situation is different in Edmonton. “We’re at a different phase, though, in our organization to tell you the truth,” he said. “We’re developing forwards, we’re developing d-men, we’re trying to grow as a team; we’re laying a foundation down. We feel we need to do that with the goaltenders as well.” continued

Star Wars :The Force Awakens – ABC TGIT TV Spot

Disney keeps the excitement high and all of us glued to the screen with yet another teaser being dropped while the time to the grand reveal of Star Wars – The Force Awakens shrinks down to just over a month. Much of the footage in this one is known from previous trailers and teasers, but a few new tantalizing scenes to fuel speculation are also in there.

Iberia; Badajoz and Marvao

Al Mossassa: Celebrating the Arabic origins of Badajoz (Spain) and Marvao (Portugal) Banners of Al Mossassa hanging from the walled citadel. Emilio Piriz photos.By Emilio…


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The Last CrunchWeek

crunchweek-4-3 Hello friends, and welcome to the very last CrunchWeek. After a three-year run, this little show is over. Sometimes things change. Regardless, it was a pleasure to send off this particular ship into the void flanked by Megan Rose Dickey and Matthew Lynley, two humans that I hold in the highest regard. Read More

Witch Doctor – That’s what a Cthulhu Cult Ritual looks like!

There is no public footage of an actual Cthulhu Mythos ritual anywhere on the regular web. As you may have guessed, the Dark Web is an entirely different matter (Muahahaha!).




Dutch ALternative Rock band De Staat have produced a video for their song Witch Doctor which comes pretty close to picturing, what such a ritual might look like.


Actually, especially the end would go nicely with a summoning of Yog Sothoth, Nyarlathotep or Shub-Niggurath. Just take a look and enjoy, it is one great song and a phantastic video: