Our Halloween Traditions

Our Halloween Traditions

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Daily Steampunk is moving to meta-punk.com

Public Service Announcement: We are moving!


LZ-X1 Württemberg_Werft


It has been more than eight exciting years of Daily Steampunk, now it is time to expand. Daily Steampunk will move to a new home, www.meta-punk.com.


There are a number of reasons:


  • The scope of the blog has already grown beyond only covering Steampunk
  • I want to expand the scope even more and integrate more geek/nerd lifestyle topics, coding and also more science
  • The data storage capacity that came with the original hosting package is actually almost full. Yes, I know, this sounds ridiculous, but eight years are a long time on the web and back in the day, 5 GB really sounded like a lot in 2008, today, you can easily get 5 times that much for less.

So, Daily Steampunk is becoming Metapunk and you will find all the content of Daily Steampunk there.

I hope to see you over at


Which is basically Daily Steampunk 2.0

Daily Steampunk is now on Patreon

Hey all,

just a really quick thing, Daily Steampunk is now on Patreon. Don’t worry, I will continue whether I get patrons on Patreon or not. If you should decide to become a patron, there are already some perks up, more are to come.

I will use the money I get from patrons primarily to get to events and do reports.

So, if you can spare a Dollar or something in that range once a month, consider becoming a patron to Daily Steampunk.






Startup stories: Mitch Wainer of DigitalOcean explains how he got accepted to Techstars

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 16.37.23


Digital Ocean is a private server company that leases capacity from existing data centres all over the world. Founded in 2011, it has become the second largest hosting provider in the world behind Amazon, and even surpassed Jeff Bezos’ company in terms of annual growth. In this video, Julian Shapiro sat down with co-founder Mitch Wainer who recalls the story of how the team got accepted into the Techstars accelerator program. Read Next: Video: Sergie Magdalin of Webflow explains his acceptance into Y Combinator

The Android smartphone that promises you’ll never run out of storage is available to pre-order



Deleting photos, apps and other random downloads you’d forgotten about might be par for the course for smartphone owners (pretty much everyone, then) but Nextbit’s cloud-first ‘Robin’ device is now available to pre-order and promises that deleting your data to free up space is a thing of the past. The device had previously been available via Kickstarter for $299 (for anyone quick enough to snap up an Early Bird deal) but now costs $399 to pre-order, with delivery pencilled in to begin in February next year, so don’t go expecting one in time for Christmas. The handset ships with a modified…


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Product Review: Mirtello Night Black & Gold by Weird Ape

I think I have mentioned this on the blog before, I collect watches. Mainly pocket watches (my oldest one was made in 1855) but I also have a decent collection of wrist watches. I was highly delighted therefore, when I was offered a complimentary watch by Weird Ape. Specifically one of their Steampunk range.


You can imagine there was not much arm-twisting involved to get me to accept the offer.


Before I start the review I have to comment on the excellent customer service of Weird Ape. the first watch I got stopped working after three days. It is an automatic watch and the mechanism got damaged, I think during shipping. In any case it is not a problem a watchmaker could not solve, nevertheless, Weird Ape sent me a replacement straight away.

But now about the watch:

First, it came in a very stylish Weird Ape bag:




The watch itself looks great and is definitely not too in-your-face concerning the Steampunk factor:


This is one of the factors which made me choose the Mirtello Night Black & Gold, because I like my Steampunk functional, I want to wear it every day. The Night Black & Gold goes well with my office dress-style (which ranges from casual office steampunk to standard IT/coder black).


I expected the watch to be a bit flimsy. It is not. It feels nice and heavy (but not cumbersome ) around my wrist and the lock of the metal wrist band is also sturdy and well made.


Around my wrist it looks like this:


Being picky about the exactness of the watch I checked it repeatedly against the radio-controlled watch in our living room, it has not even lost or gained a single second since I got it. The mechanical movement inside is doing an excellent job so far. It is a real shame this watch is not really water proof. The warranty only extends as far as rain splatter are concerned but you cannot take this watch for a swim. I guess at a price tag of 39 € /  £29 / $44 for a mechanical watch with that precision, that is nothing to complain about.

One thing I do not like, though: The tiny round dial with the single seconds-hand you can see in both photos above is face. It is one piece of plastic that was put in there purely for decoration. I think it is just distracting and the watch would have been even more beautiful without it.

But this is really the only thing I can complain about. The Mirtello Night Black & Gold offers excellent value for money and has become a permanent fixture of my wardrobe, I have worn it ever since I got it.


8 out of 10 Zeppelins


I have also bookmarked Weird Ape Watches and will pay the site visits in the future, after all, I collect watches, and they have pocket watches, too.